Thematic Workshops | 3rd ESTIDIA Conference

Workshop on “Multiple Visuals, Multiple Visions: Dialogue of signs and sign systems; Multimodality” (presentations in English and French)
Chair: Prof. Daniela Rovenţa-Frumușani, University of Bucharest, Romania

Workshop on: “Polyphony of voices: Dialogic forms of interaction in Early/Late Modern English”
Chair: Prof. Gabriella Di Martino, Università di Napoli – “Federico II”, Italy

Workshop on “The polemical dialogue: Object, manifestations and discursive functioning” (presentations in English and French)
Chair: Dr. Daciana Vlad, University of Oradea; Romania

Workshop on “Multidimensional Dialogism: Network Society, Networked Public Sphere  and Meta-Media”
Chair: Prof. Mihai Coman, University of Bucharest, Romania