CuentaCuarantenas – Éras una vez…

CuentaCuarantenas is an online audio-library initiated by Dr.Catalina Iliescu Gheorghiu in Alicante (Spain) during the lockdown. This project responds to the desire to share with children and grown-ups something important that we have in common: childhood. A time of discovery, fantasy, possibilities, big dreams and small steps. However, for others, a much different reality made of wars, famine, terror, violence and exploitation. 

CuentaCuarantenas began from considering the time people spent locked in their homes as a time of reflection on the problematic set-up of our current society, and thus as an opportunity for more solidarity, for being more responsible as human beings. The project is aimed at paying a homage to what Homi Bhabha called “third space”, a zone in which diasporic beings exist beyond national identities, beyond simplified and reductionist structures of geographical borders and predetermined cultural markers. CuentaCuarantenas is thus a space for intercultural dialogue, for cohabitation of values which are bestowed by each culture. It is a space that promotes respect towards all languages by means of translation, a dynamic and open place where anyone can participate by telling and listening to tales, where anyone can simply learn how to be a child again. A cradle to start anew, but this time better. Students, teachers, artists, friends around the world have generously lent their voices and soul for this project to reach the grace of sound waves.  

If you are interested in CuentaCuarantenas, please check its website at: or contact Dr. Catalina Iliescu Gheorghiu at