IN OTHER WORDS: A Contextualised Dictionary to Problematise Otherness

This project initiated by Dr. Paola Giorgis consists in the development of an online dictionary of contextualized keywords, which have been shaping the narratives of different forms of Otherness. The project involves the juxtaposition of creative proposals to reverse such perspectives.  

IOW is a critical, creative, collective, and interdisciplinary project that is at the same time a product and a process. In particular, the purpose of this online dictionary is to develop and share critical and intercultural awareness in order to challenge the (re)production and dissemination of the hegemonic discourses that dehumanize, stigmatize, and stereotype the representation of ‘the self’ in relation to ‘the other’. 

The dictionary bridges theoretical reflections and practical actions in a dialogue between different disciplines (e.g. critical linguistics, critical social studies, visual arts, cross-cultural and critical pedagogies), and it is meant to be used as a practical instrument in different social and educational contexts. It is structured as an online publication to grant free access to students, teachers, scholars, educators, activists and lay audience who wishes to simply consult the dictionary or to engage in discussions in order to problematize such representations, interpretations of reality, and even to imagine creative proposals to reverse such narratives.  

If you are interested in the IOW Project, please contact Dr. Paola Giorgis at