MEN AND RIVERS – A research project by Eleonora Bordon

The researchers Dr. Eleonora Bordon and Dr. Giorgio Osti (project leader) affiliated with  FISPPA (Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy and Applied Psychology) at Padova University are currently engaged in a project that focuses on the socio-ecological relationships between rivers and people, whereby rivers are considered as an instigator of social aggregation that goes beyond their natural element.   

The aim of this project is to investigate the forms of social gathering that revolve around the river on both a national and international level, and the formal and informal dynamics (e.g. voluntary activities) that are put in place by people in order to understand what induces them to dedicate their interests and energy towards rivers.  
As a first step, the project entails the mapping of organizations that are active in the territory in order to recreate a physical and relational mapThis will also contribute to the creation of a database that allows for a better understanding of these dynamics. 
Dr. Bordon and Dr. Osti are particularly interested in groups involved in river clean-ups, voluntary work, cultural activities, fishing, sports activities,  hiking/cycling along river  navigating on boat, rowing clubs, art groups, and anything else associated with the river.

If you wish to have more information on this project or if you are interested in collaborating with it, please contact Dr. Eleonora Bordon at