Presenting your Paper at the 6th ESTIDIA Conference – Alicante University

Congratulations on your abstract acceptance!

We are two months away from ESTIDIA Alicante Conference (June 15-17, 2022). It might be a good time to start thinking and preparing for your in-person oral presentation, in case your paper draft is already in place.

Presenting a conference paper requires precise decision-making and careful preparations such as choosing whether you read from your notes, deciding on slides to accompany your talk, and considering handouts to participants. You may also have some contingency plans for any eventuality, for example, deciding which slides to skip if you run out of time, and having backup of your slides.

Thinking ahead of your talk not only will give you time to carefully take care of the details but will also give you confidence while you go through your presentation.

Making a simple list of the tasks beforehand can be helpful. For example:

1-     Designing and editing the slides for your presentation

2-     Rehearsing reading your notes with the support of your slides

3-     Creating a handout to be available in digital format which you can share a link via Google Drive or MS Word, or any other tools that allow share

4-     Printing handouts for some participants

5-     Creating backups for your slides offline

Your organizational skills will pay you off as you build more confidence on the day of your presentation – you will have less to worry about and more to enjoy while delivering your talk.

If you would like to share with us any tips on preparations for a conference talk, please feel free to post your comments below.

Author: Andrea C. Valente, PhD

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