Membership benefits

– Members receive a discount on the registration fee when attending ESTIDIA
conferences and workshops.
– Members are given priority when registering for doctoral schools or special
doctoral course modules organized within the framework of ESTIDIA members
and partners.
– Members are provided with first-hand information when planning new
publications of thematic volumes with Cambridge Scholars Publishing
(, or when editing special article collections
with Palgrave Communications (
– A newsletter is sent to members three-four times a year with news, recent
developments, academic vacancies, calls for papers, calls for project participation,
opportunities for interpersonal or interinstitutional collaboration, and for building
strong supportive networks, etc.
– Members are entitled to post information promoting their own projects and
publications, partnership search, etc. on the ESTIDIA website, after preliminary
collegial review.
– Members will be able to access a searchable online database of members that
allows them to find colleagues and to look for other members’ profiles, research
interests and contact information.