Mission statement

dialogue-balloonESTIDIA has been set up to provide an easily available discussion and meeting forum for researchers and practitioners interested in transgressing traditional disciplinary and geographical boundaries in order to explore the interrelatedness and interdependence of languages and cultures in various social environments or communities. It aims at bringing together senior and junior colleagues belonging to various disciplines and professional orientations, who wish to establish contacts and to collaborate across cultural and disciplinary borders in Europe and beyond. ESTIDIA promotes ongoing exploratory dialogue between different scientific perspectives on human communication, learning mechanisms, interpersonal relations and socio-political processes, between different socio-cultural and academic traditions, between theory-based and practice-driven investigations. Linguists, rhetoricians, anthropologists, literary scholars, education specialists, philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, political scientists, as well as researchers from other related disciplines are called upon to join a vibrant research and practice community.

In line with the ‘Europe 2020’ strategy, ESTIDIA promotes enhanced collaborative networking, innovative project development, interdisciplinary education and research, interactive training initiatives and dissemination of best practices. It helps to enhance the correlation between academic enquiry and applied research, involving professionals, practitioners and the wider public.

A major goal is to stimulate brainstorming encounters in order to establish strong trans-national collaborative teams, to set up competitive research projects and to foster critical thinking in academic and professional writing in order to reach high publishing standards.

Last but not least, we want ESTIDIA to be the starting point not only of professional relationships, but also of life-long friendships.